Wednesday, July 12, 2017


If you are a Filipino who’s planning to visit Taiwan for travel or tour, there are important documents you must prepare.
1. Philippine Passport
The passport should be valid at least 6 months. If it is an old passport, it must be showing your previous travels. Remember that your passport must be signed.
To apply, you may click DFA Passport

2. E- Visa Application Form
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of China (Taiwan) has started its online visa application among Filipino visa applicants since October 7, 2016. This simplified visa policy will save the applicant’s time and cost of traveling to the office. This means that the applicant doesn’t need to have a physical appearance in the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines to get and fill this form in. 
To apply, click E-visa.

3. Photo
Your photo must appear alone and face forward. It should have a standard size of 1.5 inches x 2 inches with white background without any border, designs, objects, and shading. The applicant wearing headbands, caps, eyeglasses, etc. are not accepted. Your facial expressions in photos must have general expressions not exaggerated and don’t let your hair obscure your facial features. Then the photo must be taken within 3 months.

4. Birth Certificate
Your birth certificate must be issued by Philippine Statistics (PSA) Office.
To apply, please click PSA Birth Certificate

5. Marriage Certificate
This has to be provided if female applicant is married.

6. Financial statements of the applicant or guardian
You can provide the copy of your or your guardian’s bank book or bank statements.

7. Certificate of Employment
If the applicant is under 18 years old, he or she must submit an evidence of enrollment at school.

8. Traveling on Business
If you are traveling on business, please provide the following:
- Certificate of business name registration and SEC registration (if you are the owner of the company)
- Invitation letter from Taiwan company / organization
- Request letter from applicant’s company
- Certificate of employment

9. Other Supporting Documents
Provide other documents if required such as your Transcript of Record (TOR), Diploma, Year Book, etc.

10. Schedule of Interview
If required, you will be provided a schedule for an interview in the office.

* All documents that will be submitted to the office should be original and with 1 photocopy. Furthermore, the information on your eVisa should fully match the information on your travel document. If not, your eVisa is invalid in this case and you must re-apply and obtain a new eVisa.
* Each traveler must obtain his or her own eVisa.
* Applicants over 60 years old for tourist purpose may waive the documents #6 and #7.
* Please prepare your travel plan or itinerary in Taiwan for it is needed in your eVisa application. If your itinerary changes, you have to re-apply for a new eVisa.
* Once eVisa is approved, you have to check your email and download the file and print it. You are required to present this at the immigration checkpoint for verification by the National Immigration Agency upon arrival in Taiwan.
* This visa application does not apply to family or group application for eVisa.
* You are only allowed 30 minutes to complete filling in each page of the form. If the applicant is not able to save the draft, the filling-in process will stop automatically. Then you have to start the process once more.

Visa Fee
Visa Types                           Application Fee       Rush Handling Fee
Visitor (Single Entry)             P 2,400                      P 1,200
Visitor (Multiple Entry)          P 4,800                       P 2,400
Resident (Single Entry)        P 3,100                       P 1,550

Processing Timeframe:
Visitor Visa                            3 working days
Expedite Processing             1 working day

Resident Visa                        4 working days
Expedite Processing              2 working days

Resident Visa for Missionaries 2 to 4 weeks

Filling and Releasing Time
Filling Time                           M – F, 08:45 am – 11:45 am
Releasing Time                    M – F, 01:45 pm – 04:45 pm

* The office reserves the right to withhold the reason for the disapproval of any visa application.
* If in case the application was declined after the review, the fees charged are NOT REFUNDABLE.

* Visa fees should be paid using credit card from either MasterCard or Visa only.  

Office Address
41F, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue
Makati City 1200,
Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact No.
Telephone: 632-887-6688
Fax: 632-887-7679

The information above can be found in the website and for further information, you may click Taipei Economic and Cultural Office